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Welcome to “Monday Metrics.”, our weekly feature that gets reports and feedback directly from the people who are utilizing “Bench Metrics” software in the field.

Today we hear from the Aberdeen Wings of the NAHL who have joined the growing list of teams using Bench Metrics. Last year the club was an overtime goal away from advancing to the Robertson Cup Championship Game. This year, they sit atop the Central Division three weeks into the season. We asked Assistant Coach Anthony Bohn about the process of learning to use the program.

“Bench Metrics has a short learning curve”, he said. “Once a coach gets their personal settings implemented into the software, Bench Metrics is a very user-friendly program. This software is a must for any coach at every level looking for a competitive edge and teaching tool.”

The Wings coaching staff, headed by veteran Head Coach Scott Langer, have found Bench Metrics to be well received by the players.

“Bench Metrics gives you the tangible evidence, statistically, to show your players and your team areas of improvements and strengths”, Bohn said. “We learned in Aberdeen our players respond positively with concrete numbers shown to them with video rather than just verbally expressing what they need to improve on.”

In fact, it’s been adopted by the players in a way the coaches hadn’t anticipated.

“Our players have turned it into a competition, individually and as line mates. Each player has strengths and weaknesses and with Bench Metrics we can track these week by week. Providing them with this feedback through the Bench Metrics software, we see the vast improvement individually and collectively.”

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