Travis Winter, Assistant Coach, Bemidji State University — Monday Metrics


Welcome to another edition of “Monday Metrics”, our bi-weekly feature where we discuss statistics and analytics with various coaching staffs across all levels of hockey.

We recently spoke with Travis Winter, a fifth-year coach at Bemidji State who has been harnessing the potential of Bench Metrics technology for six seasons. He explained that the user-friendly, organized, and easily accessible information prompts his annual return to the technology. In addition to giving him the information he needs to efficiently lead his athletes, Bench Metrics allows Winter to do so in very little time.

While Bench Metrics can assist coaches in their discretion and game-time decisions, Winter said that the analyticsare directly absorbed by players, too.

“We post our Bench Metrics after every game. Players are able to see where they rank against their teammates following each matchup,” said Winter.


For Winter and Bemidji State Hockey, a favored aspect of Bench Metrics is the chances for/chances against statistic.

“It shows us who on our team is contributing, how much, and against who,” said Winter, “and it’s a big telltale factor on who plays well against certain teams.”

Bench Metrics strives to give each team a unique and profitable experience through the use of analytics. Check back n

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